With the ambition to be first mover Danske Bank invests more money than ever in customer oriented digital solutions. The latest solution is MobilePay.

With MobilePay you can quickly and easily send and receive money, and split a bill via a mobilephone, and the app can be used by anyone regardless of bank.

"As easy as dragging cold cash out of your pocket"

Danske Bank's ambition for the MobilePay app is that it should be used in all situations, anywhere, and it should be as easy as dragging cold cash out of your pocket. The result was an app for Android, iPhone, and Windows Phone with a strong focus on user experience and an extremely intuitive and simple user interface. You transfer the amount via the receiver's mobile phone number and do not need to share account information, or use the national login-system.

"The fewer steps the better"

One of the critical success factors for the work was, the fewer steps the better. By introducing automatic selection of input fields and drastically cutting down on unnecessary information and steps such as OK and confirm functions, it has been possible to reduce the normal 20 steps to only 6, and thus made it incredibly easy and fast to send and receive money through the app.

"Simple and innovative – that's New Standards"

MobilePay is a revolutionary app that within the first 6 months reached one fourth of all smartphone users in Denmark. 10 months after its launch it has reached the impressive number of 1,2 million downloads, which means that MobilePay is installed by one third of all smartphone users in Denmark. 65 % of all users are customers in other banks than Danske Bank, and so far more than 1,4 billion DKK have been transferred with MobilePay, with an average of more than 30,000 transfers a day.